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Passionate about creation, I was able to realize my dream of becoming a stylist and working for 17 years for different brands of lingerie and swimwear with very varied universes ranging from major luxury brands to consumer brands. I loved developing collections faithful to the image of the brands while always bringing my creativity.

On the strength of these experiences, I decided a year ago to create Imaé with the desire to defend values that are important to me.

My goal is to offer elegant, eco-responsible and timeless collections.

I like the relationship between the swimsuit and the body, it has to embellish it without constraining it and adapt to all women. The products are also designed to ensure comfort and well-being when worn.

I also pursue a Slow Fashion approach throughout the creative cycle. The products with their sleek and timeless style are made in a transparent approach in France with quality materials that last over time.

Imaé products will no longer leave your dressing room.

Discover the essence of eco-responsible elegance at Imaé Swim, the benchmark brand in high-end swimwear.
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