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Choose your swimsuit according to your body


If you're looking for a swimsuit that's perfectly suited to your body, you are at the right place. 😉

All bodies are different and certain swimsuits will perfectly enhance yours depending on the body type you are closest to.

There are 5 “major” body types in women, however no woman completely matches one of these types.

I- What are the 5 body types

To find the body type that best suits you, you can refer to the image above, if you are not sure which type is yours here are some explanations:

1 Triangle or A-shaped morphology

Your hips are more developed than your upper body, in other words your waist circumference is higher than the circumference of your shoulders, your body forms a sort of triangle pointing upwards 🔺 , so you are in a triangle or A-shaped shape.

2 Oval or O-shaped morphology

You have a luscious, round figure, with shapes, rather small shoulders and a slight waist. So you have a morphology and oval or O-shaped

3 Rectangular or H-shaped morphology

Your hips are in line with your shoulders, in other words your waist size is equivalent to the size of your shoulders, your waist is little or not marked, your body is centered and forms a sort of H, your morphology is therefore rectangle type.

4 Hourglass or X-shaped morphology

5 Inverted triangle or V-shaped morphology

Your upper body is more developed than your hips, in other words the circumference of your shoulders is higher than your waist circumference, your body forms a sort of inverted triangle, so you are in an inverted triangle or V shape.

II- Which swimsuits suit you?

Now that you have learned about your body shape, let's see which swimsuits will best adapt to your body and enhance your shape.

It is important to point out that this is simply advice and that the perfect swimsuit will be one that you like and in which you feel most comfortable.

1 You are a triangle or A-shaped type

A-shaped morphology

Your upper body is less developed than your hips, highlight it by drawing the eye towards your shoulders, to do this focus on:

  • Straps.

  • High-cut bikini bottoms but without big patterns so as not to highlight your hips.

  • Tops with volume.

  • Tops highlighting your chest using push-ups or a V or U neckline.

  • Draped tops.


We offer you the perfect Imaeswim swimsuits for your body type:

Imaé swimsuit 1 piece Juliette
Imaé swimsuit 1 piece Juliette black
Imaé swimsuit 1 piece Iris gold

Juliette orange Juliette black Iris one piece gold

Imaé swimsuit 2 pieces Iris headband and panties

Iris headband + panties

2 You are oval or O-shaped

3 You are a rectangle or H-shaped type

4 You are an hourglass or X-shaped type

5 You are an inverted triangle or V-shaped type


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